ready mix

For ease of use and a professional finish choose ready
mix concrete

Bowers & Son Ltd is one of the most reliable concrete suppliers in the Waikato

At Bowers & Son Ltd we supply ready mix concrete for rural, commercial and domestic purposes. Our ready mix concrete is manufactured at our plant according to your exact requirements, which may include coloured and exposed aggregate mixes. It is then delivered to you freshly mixed in one of our cement mixers throughout the Waikato region.

You can be assured our ready mix concrete plant meets the New Zealand Standard for special grade production and we are a certified member of Concrete New Zealand. How can we help? Contact Bowers & Son Ltd today with your requirements.

Two key benefits of
ready mix cement

Concrete withstands the test of time due to its strength, durability and low maintenance. When building with concrete, the damaging effects of moisture, humidity, mould, rust and rot are not issues you will face. If you are unsure whether to choose traditional concrete or ready mix – there are a couple of factors to be aware of:

Less waste and zero labour or storage costs

When preparing ready mix cement, the ingredients are precisely measured, which results in much less waste than traditional concrete. No manual labour or onsite storage is needed for ready mix cement.

Quality assurance

When using traditional concrete, the grading of aggregates and ratio of water to cement is difficult to maintain. Luckily, when you order ready mix concrete from Bowers & Son Ltd, the quality is constantly monitored and maintained.

High-quality concrete masonry blocks for construction projects

Bowers & Son Ltd supplies and delivers exceptionally high-quality concrete blocks. Concrete masonry blocks continue to be a popular construction material due to their high performance across many areas. Unfamiliar with using concrete blocks? The main benefits include:

Increased fire resistance and sound protection

The innate flame-resistant properties of the materials used in concrete blocks give greater fire resistance. The thickness of concrete block offers sound-proofing and privacy from traffic noise and loud neighbours.


A wide range of finishes

You can either keep concrete blocks in their natural state or paint or render over them. If you have always wanted a customised architectural finish or specific texture or colour, it is easy to apply different applications to achieve the look you want.


Cost-effective building material

Concrete masonry is affordable to buy as a raw material and cheap to build with. After the building is complete, concrete block continues to give savings as it is very low maintenance and energy efficient.


Energy efficient

Living in a warm, healthy building is crucial. Buildings made from concrete block retain heat which means in the colder months they stay warmer and in the hotter months, the buildings are cooler.

Choose from a range of high-quality precast concrete products

From our ready mix concrete plant, we are respected throughout the Waikato for supplying and delivering a wide range of quality products:
Our concrete tank experts can assist you with finding the right tank for your site and Bowers & Son Ltd also has the capacity to create specialised precast concrete products made to your requirements.
Simply contact Bowers & Son Ltd today with your enquiry and you we’ll be in touch promptly.