Bowers & Son Ltd has been supplying the Waikato region with concrete troughs since 1948

Our concrete water troughs are suitable for a range of animals

Since 1946, farmers throughout the central North Island have relied on Bowers & Son Ltd to supply them with water troughs. Constructed from precast reinforced concrete, our troughs are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your equine, cattle, deer and sheep requirements. Please see our specifications below for dimensions of our oblong and circular troughs.

You can also order our troughs with built-in ballcock protectors with lids for 1091-litre and 1590-litre cattle troughs. Contact Bowers & Son Ltd today with your requirements.

For easy supplement feeding, choose from three types of precast concrete feed troughs

Bowers & Son Ltd manufactures a range of durable precast concrete feed troughs suitable for many forms of supplement feeding. Depending on your requirements, choose from open-ended feed troughs; slimline open-ended feed troughs; or oblong troughs.

Open-ended feed trough – When joined together, our open-ended interlocking trough forms a very durable continuous channel. Precast ends can be glued into the troughs wherever you require. Stock can feed from both sides of this trough and each trough feeds approximately 6-7 cows.


Slimline open-ended feed trough – This continuous open-ended feed trough has one high side that acts as a fence and one low side that stock feeds from. Slimline feed troughs are ideal for placing on the edge of feed pads and raceways to save money on fencing. They can also reduce the overall width of feed pads, saving you money. Each trough feeds approximately 5-6 cows.


Oblong trough – Our oblong troughs are available in two sizes – 580-litre and 1590-litre. These troughs can be used for molasses or other liquid feeds.

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Bowers & Son Ltd supplies reinforcing steel and ready-mix concrete for feed pads

Are you building a feed pad? Many farmers who utilise feed pads wish to either maintain the quantity of milk production, or decrease deterioration of pasture. The size of the feed pad must be sustainable and largely depends on the size of your herd. Bowers & Son Ltd supplies reinforcing steel and ready-mixed concrete from our certified plant. The slab thickness and concrete strength depend upon the loading conditions. Please talk to our team today about your requirements.
Besides concrete troughs, Bowers & Son Ltd supplies a range of other products

Although we are well-known throughout the Waikato for constructing Duracrete concrete water tanks, our team also manufacture, supply and deliver other quality products. Talk to us if you are interested in ready mix concrete; concrete slabs; effluent tanks; concrete pipes; retaining walls; stone columns.

Arrange a quote for concrete water tank prices or get in touch if you have any questions.