effluent sumps & flood wash tanks

effluent sumps, STONE TRAPS
& flood wash tanks

Make sure your Waikato farm meets regulations with quality effluent sumps and flood wash tanks



Our circular effluent tanks (or sumps) are a durable, competitively priced option for effluent management.  Manufactured without or with a roof, the purpose designed anti-floatation foot prevents the tank from rising out of the ground.  Options are available in 25,000 litre, 18,000 litre, 15,000 and 10,000 litre capacity.

Depending on the type of pump system you are selecting, will depend on which type of effluent tank you can select.  Tanks without roofs suit floating pumps, and tanks with a roof are best suited for long shaft pumps.  Choosing the right pump for your effluent needs will depend on how far you want to pump slurry, the height from the sump to the irrigator and the solids in the dairy effluent. 

Click HERE for specifications for our 25,000, 18,000 and 15,000 litre effluent tanks (with or without roof)

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Our stone traps are a strong, long-lasting and easy to clean option that can be implemented as part of an effluent disposal system.  Combined with our effluent tanks (sumps), our stone traps enables the speed of incoming effluent to slow down, allows stones and gravel to settle out and reduces wear and tear on pumps.

Available in two sizes, mega and small, our stone traps are made from 70mpa reinforced concrete for durability.  See our specification sheets for more details.

Click HERE for specifications for standard stone trap

Click HERE for specifications for mega stone trap


Flood wash tanks ar

e often used in dairy shed systems as part of a high volume, low pressure cleaning systems.  Bowers & Son Limited manufactures a 25,000L floodwash tank with a standard 500mm x 500mm square penetration in the base of the tank and conical roof.  Side penetrations are also possible to suit your needs.

Along with the Floodwash, also available are Floodwash Stands which are a quick install circular base, that is hollow allow for backing filling with base material and topped with sand.  Floodwash tanks can be placed directly on a concrete pad but must have a polystyrene or similar cushioning material.

Click HERE for specifications for 25,000 litre Flood Wash Tank with SIDE WALL penetration

Click HERE for specifications for 25,000 litre Flood Wash Tank with FLOOR penetration 

Click HERE for specifications for Flood Wash Stand

Besides wastewater & effluent storage tanks, other products are also available

Bowers & Son Ltd is respected throughout the Waikato for manufacturing, supplying and delivering a wide range of precast concrete products.

Redi-Rock is sought-after to easily construct retaining walls and freestanding walls.

Bowers & Son Ltd is the only company in the central North Island that holds a license to construct Duracrete concrete water tanks. Talk to our concrete tank experts today to enquire about water tanks prices.

Bowers & Son Ltd supplies concrete pipes, collared pipes and porous well liners.

From our plant, ready mix concrete is custom-manufactured according to your requirements.

We manufacture precast freestanding walls used to construct storage bunkers of all sizes.

Our concrete troughs are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your equine, cattle, deer and sheep requirements.

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