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Reliable supplier of concrete pipes for Waikato and central North Island customers

It is easy to purchase concrete pipes, collared pipes, concrete lids & well liners from us

Bowers & Son Ltd supplies the following products to customers across the Waikato and the central North Island:

Culvert pipes – Do you need to manage excess drainage water? Whether you need ditch relief or need to pass water under a road at natural drainage crossings, we can supply a range of different diameter size culvert pipe for your requirements. Talk to our friendly team today.

Collared pipes – We stock 300mm concrete collared pipes. To minimise corrosion, all pipe collars are created from solid concrete, without any steel reinforcement.

Porous well liners – Our well liners are strong, durable and come in four different diameters to suit different applications. Customers typically use our well liners for water wells or soak holes. To ensure maximum strength, our well liners have a concrete band at the top and at the bottom.

Concrete lids – Our team has the right lid for your requirements. Available in a range of different diameters, we have a range of precast concrete lids to suit you.

Our knowledgeable team are here to help. For further information, please contact Bowers & Son Ltd today and we’ll be in touch promptly.

Are you confused whether to choose reinforced concrete pipes over plastic?

The decision whether you choose reinforced concrete pipes over plastic pipes can be a tricky one. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. When reinforced concrete pipe arrives on site, its structural strength is known and installation is relatively easy. Plastic pipe must be assembled on site and the structural integrity must be tested. The performance of reinforced concrete pipe is known, whereas plastic pipe is a new material and its long-term performance is unknown.

Although the raw costs of plastic pipes are cheaper than concrete pipes, plastic pipes incur other costs including engineered backfill; on-site inspection and post-installation laser testing. While reinforced concrete pipes are currently more popular than plastic piping, the final decision must take into account the application alongside a host of other factors. Before making the final decision, consider the following:

Purpose of application
Expected longevit
Long-term performance
Geographic location and logistics
Environmental considerations

Cost of raw materials
Maintenance and repair costs 
Cost of installation
Ease of installation

More than just culvert pipes, Bowers & Son Ltd supplies other precast concrete products

Aside from concrete pipes, Bowers & Son Ltd also supply and deliver an extensive range of other precast concrete products. If you are interested in a Duracrete concrete water tank, please discuss your requirements with our concrete tank experts.

Please also feel free to get in touch regarding ready mix concrete, concrete troughs, concrete walls, storage bunkers, effluent tanks; stone columns or freestanding walls. Contact Bowers & Son Ltd to enquire about any of our products, or to discuss our competitive concrete water tank prices. Our team look forward to hearing from you and
supplying you with further information.